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Film Revivalists

A call to filmmakers everywhere

The Word

God began speaking to me in 2021 about a movement He was orchestrating around the world in which He would raise up a million media missionaries to change the narrative of this world with stories of His goodness, grace and power.  Later, He spoke to me and gave it a name – Film Revivalists!

A Restored Identity

Integral to the mission of the Film Revivalist is a renewed identity in the artist – one from that of a filmmaker to that of a son or daughter of the Most High.  In the words of Leif Hetland, “It’s not what you do that makes you who you are, it’s who you are that makes you do what you do.”

The Mandate

As a Film Revivalist, we have a mandate to change this world through our films.  God has called us to create and to let His Spirit speak through our work so that this world can see His love.

The Call

If you are a filmmaker and this resonates with you, we have a call to step out and start creating where we are at.  Let’s start telling stories and increase His fame in this earth, so that the lost would feel seen, and the hopeless would feel hope once again.


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