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Our Mission

Creating Films

The mission of Sojourner Films is to make content that is going to promote the gospel through film.  Through web series and films, we hope to see a generation impacted for Christ and empowered to step into their calling. 

Telling Stories

The heart of Sojourner Films is telling the stories of those who have had an encounter with the Father.   Whether we are capturing a testimony or helping to tell someone else’s story, we want everything we do to point to God’s goodness and convey hope to a world desperately searching for it.

Changing the Narrative

If you haven’t been noticing, it’s hard to avoid the bad news that hits every day.  No matter where you look, there’s an opportunity to engage in story not reflective of the love that God has for us.  

By joining together with other media missionaries, or Film Revivalists, and telling stories of God’s love and His goodness, we can start to change the narrative this world consumes every day.  

One story at a time, we are doing our part to instill hope into a world that is losing hope day by day.  

Meet the Producer

Jon is a documentary filmmaker who currently resides in Peachtree City, GA with his wife and two sons, Joshua and Luke.  His passion is in travelling to remote areas to tell stories that otherwise would likely never be told.

It is his dream to see a generation of Film Revivalists raised up in this time to hear, understand, and embrace their mandate to tell stories of God’s love to a world that is desperate to hear them. 

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