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Revival Resources

We have been getting many requests this week from Pastors to use our Asbury Outpouring film to show to their local congregation.  In response to this, we wanted to make resources available to these congregations to be able to easily facilitate this process to equip them with the media to help spread the fires of revival where they are.  All we ask is that the film is played in it’s entirety and that it’s not uploaded to any social media, or direct to the website as a stand alone video,  but it can be played freely at service.  

Sojourner Films grants everyone the usage of this film to play back at their service, free of charge.  We understand that many services are live streamed where the live stream is archived/on demand so this license grants use for that as well in perpetuity. 

If you have a heart to sow into future films that will help capture the spirit of revival, please consider partnering with Sojourner Films to help send us!  God has given us a mandate for capturing moves of God and to help spread hope through our films.  You can click on the donate tab to sow one time or partner with us monthly.  It’s only through these partnerships that we can continue to go and report back on what Jesus is doing around the world!

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