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  • Sojourn Episode 2 – Asbury Outpouring (AKA Asbury Revival)

    On Sunday morning during church worship, the 12th, God had spoken to me to go to Asbury and capture the story of what He is doing there. I tarried, and ultimately didn’t go. Tuesday morning, the 14th, God once again spoke to me in the morning and said “Go, capture the story of what I am doing there.” This time, I went with haste.

    (my wife is so gracious for allowing me to be obedient to God’s call. Especially when it falls on days such as Valentines day!)

    God’s plan was evident in the favor that He bestowed upon me to capture what I needed to tell this story. There were a total of 15 interviews and 4 days of b-roll that fed into this story. An entire day of rain, high wind velocity, even hail couldn’t stop what God was doing (both in this film and at the Outpouring)

    I felt that He revealed to me that He wanted this story to be told to inspire and encourage college and university students everywhere to radically pursue Him as the students of Asbury did. What God has done at Asbury, He will do anywhere!

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