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If you haven't been noticing, it's hard to avoid the bad news that hits every day. No matter where you look, there's an opportunity to engage in story not reflective of the love that God has for us. By joining together with other media missionaries, or Film Revivalists, and telling stories of God's love and His goodness, we can start to change the narrative this world consumes every day. One story at a time, we are doing our part to instill hope into a world that is losing hope day by day.
At Sojourner Films, one of our core objectives is to empower filmmakers with the knowledge and tools to fulfill the divine calling on our lives. We believe in advancing the kingdom of God by crafting narratives and testimonies that magnify His glory. As part of our ongoing efforts, we are thrilled to announce the forthcoming launch of the Fantail Academy Film School in the Fall of 2023. This initiative will further our mission of equipping aspiring filmmakers to understand their purpose and create impactful stories that honor God.
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A person who resides temporarily in a place

We are filmmakers who advance the Gospel by telling stories of the goodness of our God.

At the core of Sojourner Films lies a commitment to sharing the transformative narratives of individuals who have experienced a profound encounter with the Father.

Sojourner Films is excited to announce its collaboration with Fantail Studios this September, as we come together to launch a Film School dedicated to raising and training Media Missionaries. 

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