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Whether we notice it or not, our God is bringing change to the Earth.

Our aim with the Sojourns is to shed light on the significant work that God is undertaking, showcasing the unfolding events in a particular area, and sharing inspiring accounts of transformed lives.



Having been directed by the Holy Spirit to capture what He is doing at Asbury, we set off to film at the Asbury Outpouring.  With testimonies we hoped to have answered what exactly God was up to in Asbury in this short documentary film. 


Vida Church, pastored by Ben and Kara Diaz, had on their hearts to start an orphanage in Webuye, Kenya. After a few years of raising funds, purchasing the land, the first of 10 houses has been built! This video aims to communicate the heart of what they are doing and to update their supporters where things are at.

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